Mechanical Design Workshop for TUS Students

The Third Maker’s Junction Program

Tokyo Fabhub and Ogawa Technical Works conducted a mechanical design workshop for students of Sasaki Laboratory of Tokyo University of Science (TUS) on November 30, 2017, at Shibamata Futen Bed & Local, Katsushika, Tokyo. The workshop was the third session of “Maker’s Junction Program” organized by Tokyo Fabhub and Ogawa Technical Works and 15 students participated.

The main activity of the workshop was to have students challenge on mechanical design with consideration of production costs.  The students were assigned to design an important component of a newly developed product as a member of a product development team. Each team has to come up with own unique design to make the component as light as possible while making the unit cost low.

The workshop was planned and facilitated by Masayoshi Ogawa, the director of OgawaTechnical Works, and he took the role of the supervisor who evaluates the work by design, weight, and unit cost. The team with the best scores is the winner.

The task was quite difficult for most of the students, but they seem to enjoy the challenge. The workshop was designed to give practical experience of product design in the real world, where time and resources are limited, and still need to make the delivery. Teamwork, leadership, and communication were the key elements to win the game.

This was the third and final session of the Maker’s Junction Program in 2017. We are planning to continue the program in 2018 and hoping to expand our reach to broader participants. Tokyo Fabhub is also planning to provide this program to Japanese corporations for their training needs.


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