The 2nd Maker’s Junction Program in Katsushika Tokyo

Awesome experience at the factories!

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On September 27, Tokyo Fabhub and Ogawa Technical Works co-arranged the 2nd Maker’s Junction, a program for university students and manufacturers to meet, exchange, and collaborate.

Total of 26 people, including 19 students of Tokyo University of Science, participated the program and visited small factories and workshops in Katsushika-Ward, Tokyo.

The program was designed to visit factories in different categories, each selected from machine manufacturing, machining, and traditional craftsman (Japanese swordsmith).

■Machine Manufacturing

Thomas Kagaku Co., Ltd.:

Higuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:


Mitsumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:

■Traditional Craftsman

Yaegashi Uchihamono Seisakusho :

The 3rd Maker’s Junction is planned to be held in late October or November this year. It will be a workshop with the students.

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