Joining Adachi Future (“Mirai”) Club

Tokyo Fabhub is now a member of Adachi Future (“Mirai”) Club

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Establishing a new network of factories in Adachi Ward

On September 13, 2017, Tokyo Fabhub officially joined Adachi Future (“Mirai”) Club (AMC), a cross-industrial organization in Adachi, Tokyo with more than 40 companies as a member. AMC is one of the most active business organization in Adachi-ward, having a close relationship with Adachi Ward government and five universities in the region, including Tokyo Denki University. It is taking the leading role in promoting business, network, and contribution to the Adachi society.

Tokyo Fabhub believes collaboration with AMC will enhance the capacity and network to support foreign companies and entrepreneurs to enter the Japanese market. We commit to making a contribution to the Adachi business society and bring mutual benefits.


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