Launch of Tokyo Factory Discovery Program 2018

A program for foreign entrepreneurs in Tokyo

Starting January 2018, Tokyo Fabhub has launched Tokyo Factory Discovery Program, a new program for foreign entrepreneurs to seek business opportunities in collaboration with small factories in Tokyo.

The program was initiated in line with our vision: a rise of a cross-border business collaboration by small & medium companies worldwide. We are about to enter the new era of micro-multinationals: mutually connected, empowered by destructive technologies and tools, supported by evolving infrastructure of finance and logistics, and taking advantage of entirely new eco-systems for business development.

The program aims to offer a new perspective for foreign entrepreneurs to find small factories in Tokyo, once considered as obsolete, as invaluable partners in the context of a new global business environment. We provide open-minded entrepreneurs opportunities to rediscover and redefine the value before others notice it.

Various activities to promote new businesses

Tokyo Factory Discovery Program will hold various events and workshops for foreign entrepreneurs to find unique and trusted factories suitable for product development in the context of vast transformation in the global business environment. We also offer unique learning experiences for entrepreneurs in early stage: learn product development, supply chain development, finance, and business development in Japan.

Under this program, Tokyo Fabhub will offer various events, workshops, and individual consultation, which include following activities. The actual program will be announced on our website, Facebook, and newsletters.

  • Brainstorming sessions with factories for product designers
  • Factory tours and meetings
  • Product development workshops
  • Business development workshops/seminars
  • Workshops and seminars for finance in Japan
  • Children’s workshops for families

We also offer a customized program for companies, institutions, schools & universities, or groups of people interested in learning manufacturing and business in Tokyo.

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