Zambia’s Ambassador visited small factories in Tokyo

A factory tour in Adachi and Katsushika, Tokyo

On May 20, 2019, TOKYO FABHUB hosted a full-day factory tour program for the Ambassador Mutiti and the members of Embassy of Republic of Zambia. This program was requested by the Embassy and designed to visit small factories in Tokyo and seek future business opportunities with Zambia. 

The program was held in the city of Adachi and Katsushika, Tokyo, visiting three small factories and Katsushika Traditional Craftwork Museum. We had a welcome party at a traditional Japanese house in Katsushika with honorable guests. 

Anshindo, a special printing factory

The first factory we visited was Anshindo; a printing company specialized in pad printing, located in Adachi. Anshindo has developed a unique personal pad printing device which allows anyone to use a pad printing technique. Anshindo’s superior skill is demonstrated by showing a three-line advertising message on a piece of rice!

This visit to Anshindo was featured in a TV news program. You can watch the video through this webpage here.

Tomitec, a precision metal press factory

The second factory was another prestigious factory in Adachi, Tomitec. Tomitec kindly welcomed the guests with the Zambian language and put many photos of Zambia in the building. It was a pleasant surprise for the guests.

The factory makes precision metal parts for automobile, electronics, and home appliances. They manufacture high-spec molds for the metal press as well as operating actual metal processing. The preciseness and steady production are the essential requirements for the factory. Seeing how they manage is just amazing.

Makino Manufacturing, a factory of crushing equipments

We moved to the city of Katsushika and visited Makino Manufacturing, a machinery factory manufacturing crushing devices for making powders and chips for various purposes. The company had business with African countries providing their products to South Sudan and Kenya.  

We heard that soybean production in Zambia is becoming a large volume. Processing it efficiently and safely is a critical requirement for the growing domestic and international market. Makino’s machinery could be a good option. The presentation was made in English, and the tour in the factory was an extraordinary experience.

Meeting Katsushika's Traditional Craftsmen

Then we headed to Katsushika Traditional Craftwork Museum to see the museum and meet with the traditional craftsmen. Many artisans gathered to welcome the Ambassador. The museum exhibits Katsushika’s various conventional products and works of art, which are a heritage of the Edo culture. The Ambassador seemed pleased to see the pieces and enjoyed the conversation with the craftsmen.

A welcome home party

A welcome home party was held at Moriyatei, an authentic Japanese style house, hosted by Katsushika Rin’s members with invited guests. We had food served by a Japanese food specialist and listened to a shamisen performance by professional musical artist.

It was a great honor to have the Ambassador and the members of the Embassy to visit us. Hope our friendship between the two countries will continue.

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