A seminar to academic mission from Assam, India

30 academicians from various universities and colleges in Assam, India

On July 26, 2019, TOKYO FABHUB conducted a seminar at Ito International Research Center, University of Tokyo, for 30 academicians from Assam, India. It was a part of one week program for the mission visiting various universities and institutions in Japan. 

Tokyo Fabhub was requested by the mission organizer, the Quest, to give a seminar on super aging society in Japan as one of the most critical social and economic issues we face. Taku Furukawa delivered a 90 minutes presentation to the mission following with Q&A session.

Aging society is a global issue

Aging society is a global issue. Although Japan is currently a front runner in this phenomena, most of the other countries will follow a similar path. Even India, a state of a relatively young population, will face the growing number of elderly in their society. Things happening in Japan is a futuristic view of their community. 

Various questions were raised at the Q&A session: What is the safety net for the poor? How is the morality of respecting elderly in Japan? and etc. 

Traditional gifts from Assam

At the end of the session, the mission gave a gift to the presenter. It was a beautiful Gamosa, Assam’s traditional handwoven cloth/towel. Each participant put it around the neck of the presenter as a mark of honor.

Tokyo Fabhub would like to express sincere appreciation to all the members of the mission for this honor and the warm kindness.

After the seminar, the mission members toured the campus of University of Tokyo. Although it was a very hot day, they seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

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