EMBA Program on Super aging society

Hitotsubashi ICS's GNW Program

Tokyo Fabhub has jointly coordinated one-week program on Super-aging society Japan for global EMBA students, a project hosted by Hitotsubashi University Business School, School of International Corporate Strategy (Hitotsubashi ICS).

This program is a part of Global Network Week Program (GNW) run by Global Network for Advanced Management, an alliance of top 30 business schools. Hitotsubashi ICS joined the EMBA program in 2017, and this was the second program they hosted in Japan. Tokyo Fabhub has been invited as a coordinator since the first program.

23 Global EMBA Students Participated

Total of 23 EMBA students gathered from various business schools around the world: from the USA, China, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and South Korea. The diverse background of the participants is a unique feature of this program.

The program was designed to learn the nature and the impact of an aging society. Japan is a global frontrunner of the aging society. The participants were expected to study the issues as well as opportunities in super-aging society. And find its implication for the global community.  

Intense but Valuable Sessions

The program was set to have a mixture of various modules: lectures, field visits, and group work. Each topic was selected carefully to give a holistic view of the super-aging society with lecturers from a diverse background: government, academic, engineering, and business. 

Here are some of the featured activities and sessions.

Welcome Reception

Welcome reception was held at Prince Park Tower Tokyo, 33rd Floor. Great food, amazing view of Tokyo, and wonderful conversation with the participants.

Japanese Culture - Bushido, Zen, & Japanese Society

A visit to Ogasawara School of Etiquette, Archery and Mounted Archery. Participants experienced Japanese etiquette lesson in the tatami room as well as practice archery and horseback archery in the training hall.

Marketing in Super-aging Society

A lecture was held by an expert from Dentsu, one of the largest advertising company in Japan, on the topic of senior marketing strategies. Various cases were introduced.

AI for super-aging society

The members visited ExaWizards, a company developing AI-enabled services for industrial innovation and social problems solutions. Students learned how they are using AI to assist nurses and caregivers.

Visiting Toyoshikidai Project

The participants visited Toyoshikidai, Kasihiwa, a project reforming a residential community to cope with increasingly aging population, more than 40% of the population in the area are 65 years or older. 

The capstone project: A group work

On the final day, each of four groups of students made a presentation to the corporate sponsors proposing a business plan they worked during the week.  

Certificate Award Session

Certificate was given to the participants. Closing of a memorable week for all of us.

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