Promoting Global Entrepreneurship

Collaboration with Small Factories in Tokyo

We believe that the next generation of global business will transform dynamically with small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs being empowered by technologies, ubiquitous connectivity, destructive innovation in finance & logistics, worldwide proliferation of basic infrastructure, and progressive deregulation in various countries.

Our mission is to showcase the values of small factories in Tokyo from the perspective of ongoing development in global business. And produce new business collaboration between foreign entrepreneurs/SMEs overseas and Tokyo factories. 

Meet the Organizer

Taku Furukawa is a founder and organizer of Tokyo Fabhub. He believes sharing and collaboration make the world a better place. After working 15 years as a banker in Japan and the USA, he has been engaged in various startups in the fields of IT and education, including 5 years in Bangladesh as a social entrepreneur. For 11 years, 2009-2020, He had been teaching “Business and Finance for Sustainable Development” at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo, as a part-time faculty.

He also serves as vice-chairman of Economic Stimulation Committee of the City of Adachi, Tokyo, and sits in various selection board for the city.

NHK World Documentary|Rising

Showcasing Tokyo's Technical Treasures:
Business Matching Innovator

Taku Furukawa was featured in the documentary filmed by NHK World, international program of the national broadcast NHK. You can watch the video at NHK’s website.