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Seiko Packing Co., Ltd.

Seiko Packing Co., Ltd. is an award-winning manufacturer of precision die cutting processing. It has more than 50 years of experience in the field and specialized in precision parts processing using Victoria die cutting techniques. Their innovative manufacturing skill has been highly recognized by the industry, receiving Superior Technician Awards 2017 by Katsushika District, Tokyo.

Handling wide range of materials

Seiko Packing handles a wide range of materials, such as rubber, silicone, sponge, and plastics. It also has profound knowledge in glues and pastes to stick two materials together and cut. 

Significant cost reduction for small volume production

Seiko Packing's die cutting technique is one of the kind with the level of precision other factories can't match. To showcase its capacity, the company has developed an ultra slim rubber band, 0.2mm wide. With this level of precision and variety of materials they can handle, it can replace costly processes such as a plastic injection mold. It has potential to reduce significant costs, especially for small volume production.

Outstanding quality management

It has supreme track records of quality production, with almost 0% defectives. This has led to a long relationship with medical device manufacturers and renown home appliance manufacturers in Japan.

Shumei Hirai, President & CEO

Seiko Packing Co., Ltd.

Shumei Hirai, President & CEO, was born and raised in Katsushika, Tokyo. He is the third generation to run his family business, Victoria die cutting processing.

Starting to work professionally in his age of 18, he already has 25 years of experience in the field. Known as a humble person, he is very aggressive in acquiring new techniques and overcoming challenges.

He has been an athlete swimmer in his younger age, and now working on boxing.

Factory Overview

Company NameSeiko Packing Co., Ltd.
Type of BusinessVictoria Die Cutting Processing
Specialized FieldsPrecision parts processing using Victoria Die cutting techniques.
FoundedJanuary 1961
RepresentativeShumei Hirai/ President & CEO
Address3-28-18 Takasago, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan