Six Coup de Foudre: Leather Crafts as an Appreciation for Life

Atsushi Takamisawa, a founder of a leather craft factory “Six Coup de Foudre”, is a unique and progressive craftsman with an environmentalist philosophy. Having his workshop in Asakusa, Tokyo, he designs and creates leather crafts using leather of wild animals hunted and killed for pest and population control. His motto is “think the world through a leather”. … Read More

Crowdfunding: A New Trend for Finance in Japan

Kickstarter has officially launched its Japan chapter in September 2017. It’s the first major foreign crowdfunding platform entering Japan and it is creating a big hype among Japanese entrepreneurs and creators. What are the challenges and new opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs?… Read More

The 2nd Maker’s Junction Program in Katsushika Tokyo

On September 27, Tokyo Fabhub and Ogawa Technical Works co-arranged the 2nd Maker’s Junction, a program for university students and manufacturers to meet, exchange, and collaborate. Total of 26 people, including 19 students of Tokyo University of Science, participated the program and visited small factories and workshops in Katsushika-Ward, Tokyo.… Read More

Kawashin Konpo Co., Ltd.

Kawashin Konpo Co., Ltd. Kawashin Konpo is a logistic service provider, located in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, specialized in local warehousing, packaging, and distribution services for small and medium enterprises. It serves … Read More

Kobori Silkscreen Printing
Kobori Silk Screen Printing

Kobori Silk Screen PrintingKobori Silk Screen Printing is an award-winning silk screen printing factory. It has a specialty in silk screen printing on a curved-surface, such as cups, glasses, and various shapes of … Read More

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