5 Axis CNC Machining to General-purpose Lathe

With more than 50 factories in our network, Tokyo Fabhub has a variety of options to match your needs in machining and cutting. You can choose from various types of factories and workshops to meet your level of precision, the choice of materials, your budget, and the speed of delivery. 

Our strength lies in precision parts processing using 5 Axis & 3 Axis CNC Machining handling complex and precise cutting. Especially with 5 Axis machining, we handle complex shapes such as an impeller, and free-form surface shapes like instrument panel of a car.

We also have skilled craftsmen who can work on a general-purpose lathe and an electro-discharge machining for customized works.


Industries and Products we worked

We have decades of experience in wide range of industries: aircraft, semiconductor, medical and etc. Following chart shows some of the areas we worked on.

Materials we handle

We are capable of handling various types of materials.

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Tokyo Fabhub connects you to the best selection of small factories in Tokyo. We have more than 50 factories in network willing to work with clients overseas. Our factories specialize in high-mix small volume productions. They provide a wide range of manufacturing service including mechanical design, prototyping, precision parts processing and various technical supports.

We handle customized products and prototype manufacturing for corporates, research institutions, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Our factories are able to work with your company on various levels of technical issues and requirements. You can also outsource manufacturing to our factories as a part of your global supply chain. Whether you are entering Japanese market or need of manufacturing for other countries, our wide range of technicians and engineers are here to work with you.

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