Kobori Silk Screen Printing

Kobori Silk Screen Printing is an award-winning silk screen printing factory. It has a specialty in silk screen printing on a curved-surface, such as cups, glasses, and various shapes of containers. Founded in Katsushika, Tokyo in 1968, the factory is one of the pioneers in the field, renowned for its high skill and quality. 

The factory's clients include renown companies in cosmetic, beverage, and hospitality industries, as well as high-end restaurants and bars. It works for individual designers, celebrities, and many musicians who use Kobori's special printing for their novelty goods.

Specialized in a Small Volume Production

Kobori Silk Screen Printing specializes in small volume production. Contrary from other printing companies, which use automated machinery for large volume productions, Kobori prints the products one by one by hand. It offers printing service for clients with complex and high-quality needs. 

The best partner for Women & Foreign Entrepreneurs

Kobori is operated by a team of women technicians and engineers. The team is led by Satomi Hayasaka, a young woman with skill, creativity, and passion. Her team shall be the best partner for women entrepreneurs as they understand the sensitivity and artistic image of creative products.

They are also open for foreign entrepreneurs. Their specialty in the small volume production shall help foreign entrepreneurs start testing their products in various designs and labelings in Japan in relatively small costs. With support of Tokyo Fabhub, communication in English is welcome.    

Katsushika Brand 2014 

Kobori Silk Screen Printing was awarded as the Katsushika Brand ("Machikoba Monogatari Award 2014") by Katsushika City, Tokyo for its outstanding skills and creativity. It has been featured on many television and radio programs as well as various publishing media.

中小企業の底ヂカラ "The real power of small and medium enterprises": Click to watch the film. (No English caption available)

Hiroyoshi Kobori, President & CEO

Kobori Silkscreen Printing

Hiroyoshi Kobori, President & CEO, was born and raised in Katsushika, Tokyo. He is the second generation to run his family business in silk screen printing after his father, the founder of the company.

He graduated a college of engineering and started his career as a R&D specialist, then at the age of 25, he decided to succeed the company. With his friendly style and openness, he is loved by many clients and people in the community. 

Factory Overview

Company Overview: Kobori Silk Screen Printing

Website: http://www.kobori-print.com/

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