We envision

the next generation of global business

A rise of Small Factories in Tokyo

We believe that the next generation of global business will transform dynamically with small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs being empowered by breakthrough technologies, ubiquitous connectivity, destructive innovation in finance & logistics, worldwide proliferation of basic infrastructure, and progressive deregulation in various countries.

Our mission is to showcase the values of small factories in Tokyo from the perspective of ongoing development in global business. And produce new business collaboration between foreign entrepreneurs/SMEs overseas and Tokyo factories. 

We understand how hard it is for foreigners to set up a business in Japan. While forming a company could be a dreadful experience, the real challenge remains in how to develop your business with effective marketing, reliable supply chain, timely finance, and proper distribution channel.

As it is quite risky to rely on hunch and luck without knowing the background, track record, and trustworthiness---kinds of information not available on the internet and hard to obtain even for Japanese---you will need someone to trust.

Tokyo Fabhub offers various opportunities and services to support serious entrepreneurs searching reliable partners in Tokyo. Our network of selective factories, product/mechanical designers, academic institutions, and many other stakeholders shall help you establish your dream business in Japan. 

There are more than 29,000 factories in central Tokyo (within its 23 Wards). We have selected the gem of these factories located on the eastern side of Tokyo. Most of them are under 10 employees, but each has a profound knowledge and long experience in their respective field. 

If you are looking to enter Japanese market or searching for something unique and value-added with "Made in Japan" brand, they could be a reliable partner for your prototype development, small volume production, custom manufacturing, and precision parts processing.

Tokyo Fabhub is willing to offer services to facilitate business arrangements for those serious to invest time and money to start a new business with our partners and members of our network in Japan.

Name of the ProgramTokyo Fabhub
Organized by

ZEP Corporation represented by Taku Furukawa

Address4-22-21-305 Shiratori, Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan
FoundedMay 2017

Meet the Organizer

Taku Furukawa

Taku Furukawa is a founder and organizer of Tokyo Fabhub. He believes sharing and collaboration make the world a better place. After working 15 years as a banker in Japan and USA, he has been engaged in various startups in the fields of IT and education, including 5 years in Bangladesh as a social entrepreneur. For the past 9 years, he has been teaching "Business and Finance for Sustainable Development" at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo, as a part-time faculty.